- In Game Rules

1. Absolutely NO Botting, Hacking, 3rd Party Programs, Hardware Macros, etc Report Immediately.

2. This Includes, But Is Not Limited To Any Device (Electronic Or Otherwise) Which Performs Actions In-Game For A Player-Controlled Character.

3. Do Not Use Bugs And Glitches To Your Advantage And Personal Gain, All Bugs Must Be Reported. If You're Found Abusing A Bug, You Will Be Punished.

4. Do Not Impersonate Game Masters Or Other Player's.

5. Do Not Spam Chats Or Skills In Towns Or During Event's. (Example: Storm Gust Or Ice Wall)

- Administrators | Moderators | Game Master Related

1. Game Master Or Moderators Will Never Ask You For Your Personal Information, Like Username/Password, Items, Etc.

2. Game Master Or Moderators Will Never Give Away Items, Zeny, Or Assist Players In Any Unfair Way.

3. Do Not Ask To Become A Game Master Or Moderators.

4. Respect All Game Master And Moderators Authority.

5. Game Master And Moderators Will Not Accept Bribery.

6. Any Abusive Word Used Will Set You To 15 Minutes Mute Or 1 Hour Jail.

7. If You Want Try To Create Impersonate GM Name You Are Automatic Banned Your Account In Server.